One bright spring day, two musicians found themselves playing in harmony around a maypole. Ribbons were wrapped, musical bonds formed, and the Tulstin Troubadours were born. With a gentle yet vibrant sound they play and sing songs of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Each musician brings years of experience and enthusiasm. Apryl Knight has been playing music since she was 3 years old, starting with piano and voice, then flute, and continuing to add expertise in other instruments until it would be impossible to list them all here. Some of the instruments she plays in the Troubadours include flute, bowed psaltery, whistle, bodhran, guitar, and voice. She also dances, winning awards for her bellydancing and performing with gfire and Desert Passion Middle Eastern Dance Company. When not performing, she teaches piano and music theory.

Trombone is not normally the instrument of choice to prepare musicians for learning the harp, but it seemed to work well for Mark the Harper. It did leave him with a tendency to march in parades with random instruments. He has performed countless weddings and banquets as a solo musician and has played with many different music groups including the Oklahoma State University Orchestra, Wolgemut, and Liondragon Consort. When not playing harp he can be found playing double ocarina, fanfare trumpet, panflute, and recorder.

Apryl and Mark enjoy the musical collaboration and fellowship that can be found at faire and bring true joi de vivre to everyone with whom they play. Put the two together and you get a musical palette that is sure to please the ear. From the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival to the Pennsic War they entertain and delight.